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Idea Storm can provide your organisation with the coaching, framework, and support you need in order to compete and succeed alongside the world's fastest growing companies while developing a portfolio of initiatives capable of transforming your core organisation.

Through the Purpose Workshop, ExO Awareness Workshop and ExO Sprint, we enhance your organisation's ability to disarm the "corporate immune system", make the mindset shift from scarcity to abundance, and develop internal innovation capabilities.

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Rays of Hope is our social impact partner.  Our aim at Idea Storm is to become increasingly more involved with Rays of Hope and we would like to play our role in helping to transform Alexandra.

For 28 years Rays of Hope has been impacting the lives of vulnerable people in Alexandra, on the border of Sandton. Firmly rooted in the community, they focus on education, orphaned & vulnerable children and work readiness, by building partnerships and sustainable relationships to bring about lasting change.

The website for Rays of Hope is,

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